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Native Living Custums is unique by being the only custom composite paddle builder around to offer individual solutions to individuals needs and desires ! Colors , weight , strength , flex patterns , graphics ,blade outlines and shape contour profiles are among the skill sets offered by Alex Nix of Native Living Custums Building each paddle by hand , one at a time , 100% in Hawaii !


Hi I'm Alex Nix and My Grandfather was a paint chemist for a good part of the Apollo space program and some of his work remains on the moon to this day  !  What he taught me was an ethic of not being afraid to try and to simply listen and learn from those that have valuable knowledge to share ! I myself am not a great paddler , but I am surrounded by a large local community of great paddlers that know what they want and need , who have shared their knowledge with me ! Allow me to share that knowledge with you !


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You can reach native living custums whenever and wherever you’d like.


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